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Growing up in rural Idaho, free time gave me the opportunity to create dreams of what the world had to offer. Beginning in college, I started to travel and explore artistic opportunities where creative bodies gather; Laguna, Hawaii, Paris, San Diego, Phoenix, and now San Francisco. Travels took me to art festivals, to gallery shows, and in San Diego, travels landed me working on one of the first interactive educational products.


Many chapters later, I am excited to be here in the San Francisco Bay Area working with wonderful people who value the creative process, and see how it can help their business grow. Giving a face to a new business gives me great pride, not to mention the friends I make along the way.

In 2014, the business partnership between Annette Frei Graphics & Illustration and 360 Web Designs began. 360WD wanted to expand, and utilize the skills of a strong designer, and it was time for Frei Graphics to do more business-to-business marketing. Today, we are fine-tuning our offerings to better serve existing clients, and stay with current trends.


I am a Web & Graphic Designer / Marketing Production Artist, with special skills in Illustration. I offer branding plans, Logo Design, 2-D Animation, and Web Design for companies who understand the costs and benefits of a great first impression. 



From sales to final presentation I interact with all levels of staff and clients to conceptualize and create quality products. Integrity of design and cohesiveness of the brand is my standard practice. 


Who doesn't love happy clients? I take extra steps to research my client's needs, educate them about process, and remain available beyond final production.