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Dancing Through my Soul!


The often-androgynous quality of my dancers relates to the mystery that is to be human. Inclusion and harmony of all cultures without confinement adds color to our collective humanity, and while unique and ever morphing into a new shape, we invite mystery to the dance.


My first dance performance included an original soundtrack overlay of voice, telephone busy signals and a variety of unusual tones. The costume was made of ace bandages and a nude-colored leotard. The anonymity and mystery of the costume allowed for total freedom. This was the start of my love of free improvisational dance that has carried through to my most unique art. Flowing movement in my paintings gives way to a sense of freedom that releases all gravity.


Whether this series of paintings floats above your dreams, or carries imagination in the main living space, each piece draws in the viewer and gives lightness to the room.



Dreaming Freedom - Watercolor Original Unframed

  • 5.5" x 28" Unframed


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